Friday, February 15, 2008

Elder Wilson- Feb. 11, 2008

first off Happy B-Day Jessica
it sounds like a sweet party and alot of fun
its cool that we have a new stake prez and i did get to see the adultleadership session it was really good i liked how it was all set up. wehave stake confrence this week and were doing the same thing so thatwill be cool I still have a couple of weeks before transfers i dont knowif i go or stay till the sat. before and transfers are on tue but thingsare coming together again i talked to sister morden(the one whos son wassent home) and were gunna go see her next sunday she sounded aboutnormal she is still working like crazy (70 hour weeks) she really likesit though she ownes her own busines she is a syco theripist her husbandis bipolar so he gets free treatment. and i went over to britneys houseshe wasent there but her boyfriend was so we talked to him for a wilehes doing good he has a job as a casheir at a drugstore and is trying toget britney back in school then he can go to he is 18 and in 9th gradeif he went back he said that britneys mom is completly out of jail sincethursday she was in the halfway house till she found a job. the spanish elders had a cool exspirence yesterday they went to go seea member that just got out of jail and is on house arest went they weretalking to her a girl walked in so they started to teach her she is a 19year old white girl she has a 2 year old and one on the way but the 2year old is with the father because of a leagle issue she also smokesbut she wasts to stop and get her life on track then be baptized herdate is the 29 of march. we have been working with a ladie named gloria iv talked about herbefore but its cool we will go over there and theres always someonethere in fact me and my comp were teaching her about the importance of anon paid ministry when the phone rang and so we stoped for a minit andthis 22 year old black lady who was listning and acationaly walkesthrough while we are there just stood up and said if eather of you arelooking for a wife im availible then she sat down and luckly gloriareturned in i continued the leason so that was strange.oo yea this week i got realy mad at an investigator for the first timecarla price she has been investigating for a year and is geting nowereshe has called us over acouple times to do service which is cool i loveservice but this time she called us and asked us to scrub her deckorginize her yard(toys and stuff) and to wash thoughs off as well and toclean her playset and her front porchso we did we spent over 2 hours scrubing orginizing and washing ithought we did a good job without spending all day there but later she called and asked if we had eaven been there and why herekids toys werent sparkling i told her because we only did what was onthe list she gave us. but she was furious and so i just sat there andwith the phone on the talble so i didnt have to hear her rage wile itryed to keep my cool but that wasnt bad enuf the next day was sundayand she came and talked to us and personaly i thought she would haveapoligized were not slaves after all but she continued to blame us andthen she told us that she had prayed about calling and degrading that was my week it was actualy pritty good
-Elder WIlson