Saturday, January 24, 2009

Family Pictures

This is Julia:

So I'm sure ya'll have noticed the slowness in my mothers blogging. :> I wanted to update it a little and to also add the photos of our family's photo shoot with Marissa! She did such a great job and we all had so much fun. I can't seem to thank her enough! :> We took these I think on one of the last days of the year 2008. We have everyone except for Andrew, who of course returns from his mission around October of this year!!! Hope you enjoy them!

Dad, Kurtis, Jace

Manly pose, except Kurtis couldn't hold back.

The Girls in the Wilson Clan. Christi, Mom, Jessica, Tiara, Julia


Wilson family... minus Andrew.

The siblings minus Andrew.


This is Tiara holding Holly. Holly is my new puppy! Tiara is quite attached though!
The men. Top: Cody and Cooper, Dad, Ryan and Logan. Bottom: Jace and Kurits
The Grandchildren: Emily, Kaitlyn, Logan, and Cooper
Baby Logan!
I told you she was attached!
Jessica holding Emily
The girls of the family. Top: Emily, me, Mom, Kaitlyn, Christi. Bottom: Tiara, Jessica.
This is the Daulton family!! Christi and Ryan with Kaitlyn, Emily, and Logan!
Everyone once again!

Cody and I got our family's pictures taken as well! If you would like to see those pictures just go to .