Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kyle's Baptism

Jace is almost 18. He home teaches Kyle. When Kyle decided to get baptized, he asked Jace to baptize him. Jace was humbled and yet very excited.

Jace with Jessica(with a bunch of braids in her hair) and Tiara. The girls love big brother Jace.

Jace & Kyle. The baptism went great. The spirit was very strong.

Elder Denny, Jace, Kyle, and Elder La Force. The missionaries did a great job of teaching Kyle. Jace is preparing for his mission and is planning on leaving on a mission in just over a year.

Reindeer at our house

Dan holding grandson, Cooper, while blowing out candles on a Cherry Cheese Cake Pie. The cherry topping later became the noses of our reindeer--did we have Christmas in July?

Our home at the end of the rainbow. We had a really quick rainstorm pass by. The sky went really weird so we went out and looked and we found a rainbow over the house. Notice the weather map with storm warnings on the tv.

Reindeer Tiara

Reindeer Jessica.

Nauvoo, and trip home

I took this picture of the Nauvoo Temple as we drove past. We got there in time to set up camp and then go watch the pagent, which we loved. Dan and I got to go through the Nauvoo Temple the next morning while Jace stayed with the kids and fed them breakfast.

Dan and Tina

Jace with the girls. We were eating after a long day in the car. We had fun taking pictures of everyone.

A glare from Kurtis.

Great pic. of Dan.

Tiara's sad face, while trying not to laugh.

Jace's sad face.

Jessica couldn't keep a straight face.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Cooper is in the jump-up airplane.

Cooper and his Grandpa Wilson.

Jace and Cooper.
Julia, Cody, and Cooper

Airplane in Dubuque, Iowa

We went to Dubuque, Iowa on the way home. We stopped at a hardware store and this airplane was on display outside. The kids loved it. It is a great teeter-totter.

Jace and Kurtis are showing off their ability to turn the plane while Jessica goes with out hands-flying high!

My tough guys.

This airplane has 7 seats. As you can see, even the big kids had a blast playing on it.

Wisconsin Trip

This summer we went to Wisconsin to visit Christi, Ryan, Kaitlyn and Emily. We were hoping to see Logan when we got there(Christi was on bedrest to prevent his arrival when we got there, but the next day it would have been ok for him to come), but he decided it was comfy where he was and didn't venture into the world at that time.

This picture is of Dan and the kids at a rest stop just inside of Iowa. We thought it was great that they had monuments about the Mormon Trail.

Christi and Ryan have a great climbing tree in their yard. My kids spent a ton of time in the tree. These pictures were taken by my cell phone. Kaitlyn was happy to be big enough to play in the tree with the big kids.

Jessica in the tree.

Tiara in the tree.

Jess, Dan, Kurtis, Tina, Jace, and Tiara just chillin' and watching a movie at Christi's.

We had a great time in Wisconsin. The scenery is beautiful. We took a day and canoeing. We had a great time until Jace stepped into a ton of leeches. He wasn't happy after that. We got them off of him and then we headed back to Christi's. We went without the Daltons on that trip. We did get Wisconsin sweatshirts for me and the kids. I was glad to have a nice sweater up there. It was nice and cool. Once we got back to Texas, the sweaters went in the closet for a few weeks. Now that the kids are in school, they are the sweaters the kids are choosing to wear in school with the AC going all day. We all had a great time at Christi and Ryans.

Kaitlyn, Christi, Emily and Logan(in utero) watching the tree climbers.
Ryan managed to avoid my camera phone. I will get him next time!

Emily sitting in her stroller.

Kaitlyn in the tree.