Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Andrew's letter 12-17-07

this week was kinda disapointing and at the same time realy good.the good thing is we got 5 investigaters to church it was packed in our little room but thats good but the disapointing news is all our baptisms fell through some of them can be resceduled.one guy named john green is crazzy when we see him we do a good job teaching him and he is way exsited to join so exsited that he wants to get baptized on the spot then he makes 3 opointments and a baptism date but when we call him he is completly diffrent i think he is bipolar every 2 weeks this great guy comes out but for the rest of the time hes just a creepy 50 yearold black guy for example he called today and wanted me to set up a meeting with him and the bishop but i dont trust him with the bishop so i havent called yet all proble do that tonight. the other one is a girl named brittney she really wants to join we tought her the law of chasity last time and oubout marrage and she desided that she was going to see what the leagle ishues were because shes 16 but when she asked her grandma (moms in jail) she told her she couldent join or eaven go to church so were kinda at a stand still there atleast tell her mom gets home at the first of the year then things should go better. but we have 2 more people we are thinking about seting dates with so well focuse on them but still see the others here and there maby they just need some space.
Elder Wilson

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Andrew's Letter 12-10-07

Hi All,
Here is a cleaned up(for ease of reading and understanding)letter from Andrew. He is doing great. I'll let him tell the stories. He does a great job. Thanks for your support of him now and in the past.


HEYTransfers were this week so I got a new companion. His name is Elder Hill.He is from Idaho. He grows potatoes, what a surprise. We stopped teachingthe 8 year olds. They want some time to think about it. There’s not much we can do about that, but we set another baptismal date this week. Her name isBrittany. She is really cool. She’s a 16 year-old black girl who made somemistakes. She lives with her boyfriend and has a 6 month-old boy. When we tracked into her, she was excited. We have taught her the 1st andthe second lesson. It was cool. She asked a lot of questions I’ve neverheard before, like, “did Eve eat a bad apple, and that’s why girls have PMS?”That was fun to correct, but not as fun as our visit last night.We came over planning on teaching the commandments, ya know, the word ofwisdom and the law of chastity. So it went great. We called the boyfrienddown and told him that some of these commandments might affect him. So Itaught the word of wisdom. That wasn’t hard, I’ve taught it many times now,but then we got to the law of chastity. I was horrified. Luckily, my comp (whois the junior companion, by the way. Yea, I have the power.) took over andtaught it. It was cool. we told her that she could repent for the sins shehas committed, but if she wanted to get baptized, she had a choice to make:either move out or get married. So we went over legal issues for the restof the time and told her to pray about it together. The boyfriend took itbetter then I thought. Then we went over to one of my "projects". This issomeone who was pointed out to me. He’s been going to church for 7 monthsand is getting married to a member. I had to invite him to have thelessons without him knowing it, or being forceful. So I asked him why hewasn’t on the roster, and he said he wasn’t a member. I asked if Icould do anything for him as a missionary, like maybe giving him thelessons. He said that he'd like that. I went to work. I called upBro. Abbot, the father of the daughter who was getting married to the guy,and asked him to go on exchanges with us. He accepted. The lady we wentto see was shy, but nice, and I know this, so I told him to invite her overto his house to watch “The Testaments” and when the meeting closed, he did.She did what I thought she would: she accepted. I told her that I’dplan it all when she came to church. So when she came to church she toldme she couldn’t go, which, oddly enough, is what I wanted. So I went to Nigeland told him that I was going over to the Abbots to watch ‘The Testaments’,but the investigator ditched us, so if he could go, it would be perfect. Itworked. I was surprised. We watched the movie at 7 and then I read 3rdNephi 11 to him and explained that and continued in teaching thefirst lesson. He said I cleared up a lot and he'd like to know more of the basicsso he could know what’s going on in Elders quorum. Anyways, we havefour baptisms planed for the 29th. Two are going to fall through because of word of wisdom problems, but the others look promising.