Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Andrew's letter 12-17-07

this week was kinda disapointing and at the same time realy good.the good thing is we got 5 investigaters to church it was packed in our little room but thats good but the disapointing news is all our baptisms fell through some of them can be resceduled.one guy named john green is crazzy when we see him we do a good job teaching him and he is way exsited to join so exsited that he wants to get baptized on the spot then he makes 3 opointments and a baptism date but when we call him he is completly diffrent i think he is bipolar every 2 weeks this great guy comes out but for the rest of the time hes just a creepy 50 yearold black guy for example he called today and wanted me to set up a meeting with him and the bishop but i dont trust him with the bishop so i havent called yet all proble do that tonight. the other one is a girl named brittney she really wants to join we tought her the law of chasity last time and oubout marrage and she desided that she was going to see what the leagle ishues were because shes 16 but when she asked her grandma (moms in jail) she told her she couldent join or eaven go to church so were kinda at a stand still there atleast tell her mom gets home at the first of the year then things should go better. but we have 2 more people we are thinking about seting dates with so well focuse on them but still see the others here and there maby they just need some space.
Elder Wilson

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