Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jan 7 2008

This is Chiristi,
I was supossed to show mom how to work blogger over Christmas, and it didn't happen, so I'm still posting for mom. This is a letter she sent to Andew on his mission. I thought it was a good way for you to see what's up at home.

Hi Elder Andrew,
How are you doing today? We are all doing well. The kids are happily back in school--that is they left happy. Kurtis and Jace may not be so happy when they get home and realize they have finals in a week.Julia and Cody got home from California on Saturday. We went through their house yesterday. It is coming along well. It will be finished in 2 to 3 weeks. It is coming up fast. Julia and Cody are getting excited about it.Christi and Ryan and girls are back in Wisconsin. Christi goes to work at the day care today. It will be interesting to see how she does. I hope she doesn't get sick. I hope Kaitlyn likes it as well. Emily rolls with the flow very well and should do well. She is like you in that way.Rita Havenar got her mission call. She is going to the Salt Lake City Utah Mission. She doesn't know any one there or have any relatives there so it ought to be a great mission for her. She is excited to go. She reports to the MTC on April 2nd., which means she will get home just about the same time you will.We got your SD card. I liked the shirt you put it in---very clever! I really liked the videos. Elder Hill really sounds a lot like Josh Matheney. I noticed it right away. Julia said the same thing. Josh was excited when I told him. He will come over soon and watch the videos.Bethany got married this weekend. Margaret Johnson is doing super well. She even did the music for us on Sunday and did a great job. It is such a miracle that she is doing so well.How are your investigators doing? Did the mom get out of jail? How is that situation going?I love you and I am sending this so you can get it.Have a great day!Love,Mom

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