Saturday, January 12, 2008

Andrew's letter Jan. 7, 2008

IT actualy happend, you got a van! i thought i would never see the day. it sounds prity cool, but im still kinda trying to get used to the fact and its a chrysler not evan a ford. it sounds like you picked it out, how did you do it? was dad blindfolded and def cause that dosent sound like a v8. i bet it smells like cryans too. i guess the gas prices must be high. how does jace feel about this? maby when i get home ill be used to the whole van idea, but im gunna need 21 mounths at least. im just kiding, it sounds cool at least its not a pt.
and i have the 2 gig card, ill try and fill it but i couldnt eaven fill the other one. but as time goes on i will acumilate alot of pitcures. this weeks gone pretty good. well kinda there were many good things but i've been working with this family that are resent converts. their son is on a mission (its the piture were were drinking) and this week the bishop called me into the ofice and told me to see what i could do to help them because there son got sent home early. so iv been kinda stresed out over that. i still dont know if he is EXed or not but ill get it in order eventualy. but we have found some cool new investigaters and we have acouple of dates set up for the 19th that might actualy go through. one will but the other two have to of stoped smoking yesterday. and i've been working with some of the youth. we are going to have a "Bible Study" this week with a couple of there friends who already have book of mormons, so im exsited about that. that was prity much my new years week. isn't really a holiday as a missionary, we got to go to sleep at 10, half an hour early it was good.
wow Rita is going to utah i know a couple of misionarys there. most of them are canadian wich is kinda cool i geuss. thats cool ill beable to hang out with someone when i get back who is still used to the same rules. its gunna be a difrent for the johnsons to go to public school. hopfuly everything goes well.
Britneys mom will get out of jail this week so we will probably be over there next week.
-Elder Wilson

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