Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Andrew 1-28-08

This week was pretty cool, but what week isn’t when you’re a missionary. The highlight probably would have been when I went to campus at NC State. It’s just north of my area in Garner. The beginning of the day kind of sucked, it was about 30 and we were outside the whole time. That wasn’t too bad, but no one would talk to me. I was getting mad they would just keep walking and I would walk with them and ask how their day went and stuff, but they wouldn’t answer. So I decided to find a captive audience so I would walk around looking for people who were sitting or smoking. A couple times they even asked my if I had a lite, then they’d be stuck hearing about Joseph Smith and I would have to explain things like polygamy and how we don’t do that any more. But, finally, we had an appointment in the library. Finally, heat, but the weird thing is that the people we were teaching were two girls who graduated in 07. It’s weird to teach someone your own age, especially if you’re used to teaching 50 or 60-year old black people. That went surprisingly well. Then we went and played 4 square. I’ve only played a couple of times, but I still think it’s pointless. Then we went to eat. It was cool, I owned my zone leader and his member at table soccer. Then we went night tracting. Night tracting on a Friday in NC State housing, it was cool. The first person we talked to was a guy who messed up his leg pretty bad and had to use a cane, but he decided to see how well he could walk with out it. I’ve never seen someone go slower. It was sad, but he showed us. We started to tract and the first 3 houses were Asian. They didn’t even believe in Christ, so we taught them prayer. Then some white guy who said he’d go to church just to get us to leave so he could go to his party. Then my favorite 4 black guys walked by with a couple 12 packs of Carona, so we taught them. Most went inside, but one stayed, but he was already drunk, so it was hard to reason with him. But we still got the message across. Then we retired to the car, but we saw a guy getting out of the car so we asked him if we could help. He said no, but we talked to him for a while. It turns out he had gotten a restoration pamphlet some how and was looking through it and was pretty interested, so that was fun. He was probably the only one who listened to me the whole day. Stupid students, lol.
Elder Wilson

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