Wednesday, March 5, 2008


We have a dauchsund named Charlie. He loves to go outside. He has an electronic fence that has been wonderful. He can go outside and not run away because he won't go past the electronic fence--as long as it is working.
Charlie’s electric fence monitor that he wears around his neck broke apart today. The screws that hold on the lid came off when the plastic broke. I noticed the lid when I was cleaning up. I recognized it, but didn’t recognize what it was. A couple hours later, after my VT left, I noticed a short fat battery on the carpet by the door. I picked it up, wondering where it came from. Then I remembered the lid I had found earlier. CHARLIE! No Charlie. He went out with my VT. He was long gone. He came back a couple of hours later. Jace came home for lunch just after Charlie got back. We took off his collar and put in the battery and put on the lid and taped it on with black duct tape. He won’t be wondering the neighborhood tonight!

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