Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I CAN Blog!

So far this blog has been mostly letters to and from Andrew. I really do have more children then just my missionary son. Thanks to Christi, who set this up for me and has encouraged me to write on the blog, I am being brave enough to post.

Christi and her girls, Kaitlyn and Emily, got a new play kitchen set. Kaitlyn and Emily spent hours playing with it this morning, giving Mom Christi a little break. Yea! Thanks Ryan for bringing it home for them.
We are anxiously awaiting Julia to go into labor. She is very ready to have her baby boy. Cody is waiting just as axiously as the rest of us. They will make really great parents.
Andrew just got transfered to Lumberton, NC. It is located 1/2 way between Miami and New York in NC, close to the SC boarder. He helped at a 5K race and then went to a chili cook off where he ate deer, Beaver, and Bear meat. He thought it was good.
Jace is running track this season. He has been doing well. He has been running the 4 X 800 and the mile.
Kurtis just went to his Order of the Arrow Ordeal this last weekend. It is part of Boy Scouts. He had a great time and really loved the experience. His best friend is in OA, and so is his Uncle John and his Grammy Joy.
Jessica is performing in her school's PE show on Thursday. She is in the gymnastic group. The theme this year is Elvis. It should be a lot of fun. Coach Edwards needed a big bear for one of the performances. Jessica was given a huge white bear several years ago by our neighbor who was moving to California. Coach Edwards loved the bear. It will be fun to see if the bear makes the show.
Tiara is loving school. She is in the Discover program. She gets to go see Julia's 1st grade teacher once a week to do fun extra things. Julia loved Mrs. Lauten when she had her and Tiara loves her now.
Dan, my wonderful husband, has been very busy lately. He is the track booster club president, the 2nd councelor in the Stake YM, which means he has many scouting roles as well. He was intrumental in the very successful EDS Merit Badge College this last weekend. All this and he is a great husband and fathe as well.
I am kept busy keeping everyone headed in the right direction at the right time. Primary also keeps me a little bit busy. So that is just a little bit more about our family.

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