Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rain, Rain, Rain

It was rainy this morning. The clouds were low and dark. They passed with a sprinkle and then it really started raining. It rained, and rained and rained. Ok, it flooded. It rained all morning and into the afternoon. There were thunderstorms with it, but mostly rain. We wanted to go to Julia’s and pick up Kurtis and drop off the girls. It was too rainy at 1 when we planned on going. In the mean time I cleaned the girls carpet. They packed their bags. Jace put their beds into bunk beds. I have just a bit more to do in their room to finish the carpet.

I found the receipt for the washer. I called and the repair man will come out NEXT Tuesday. I sorted clothes and Julia said I could use her washer. I wanted to go at 2. There was a lull in the rain. Then it started again. We could see how flooded the back yard was. The stream to the pond was no longer a stream. It was a river that was trying to overflow it’s banks. The front yard was flooded and the ditches were full. Finally at 3:30 Julia called and said it wasn’t raining there and they were bored. It was only sprinkling here. That was all I needed. We loaded kids, clean and dirty clothes and a freshly baked cake into the car and we headed out. The pond was at capacity. On Parker we were looking at the area the pond drains into. It was flooded, over the road. I could still see the bottom of the road so I went through. I followed 2 other cars. It was flooded by Sycamore as well. I went on the edges of it and it wasn’t so bad. That was the worst flooding we encountered. We went up 75, which was slow, but safe. Just before we got to Julia’s the rain started to get heavy. We did make it safe. I was really glad I hadn’t tried it earlier when it was raining harder. We got at least 4 or 5 inches of rain.

Julia is doing well, and so is little Cooper. The girls got to stay the night. They were so excited.

I brought Jace and Kurtis home. We watched American Idol with Dan. David Archeletta did great. Brooke White did pretty well. She tried to do stuff out of her comfort zone. She just makes you smile when she sings. The judges didn't like it as much, but she is still really good. I’d like to hear her sing “Yesterday”, which one of the other contestants tried to sing. Brooke would have nailed it. I had just said that to Dan and then Simon said the same thing in his review of the other girl.

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